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  • Bartman #1

    Bad guys beware! Bart Simpson, Archenemy of Evil, now has his own comic book! It's only the first issue, and already Bartman must face his greatest nemesis -- Mrs. Krappabel, and his great challenge -- summer school! Meanwhile, villainy is afoot in the world of Springfield's comic collectors! A mysterious criminal mastermind has hatched a nefarious scheme to artificially inflate the prices of enhanced-cover comic books! With the help of his trusty pal Milhouse, Bartman swings into action to battle this fiendish plot. Can the spiky-headed superhero foil the foil-stamping fiends?  Find out this issue! (Comes with a jumbo Bartman pull-out poster -- part 3 of the ultra-jumbo Bongo universe mural!  Features a special enhanced cover: Bartman faces the silver foil doom!)

    1993 - Bongo Comics

    Bartman #1

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